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Bridging Loans versus Other Lending Options

Bridging loans can be a great way to secure finance and essentially “bridge” the financial gap between selling an existing property and moving into a new one. These loans have recently grown in terms of popularity simply because they are so easy to obtain and provide a great solution for the right type of person.

However, not everyone will benefit from a bridging loan – in most cases, the fees will be too high and they will place a lot of stress on the person to pay back the loan as they are a short-term option. If this is the case, it’s good to know that there are some alternative options that you can take a look at. Even though there isn’t much offered as a direct alternative to a bridging loan, some alternatives are quite close.

Home Improvement Loans

If you looking at a more relaxed way to obtain finance to improve your living situation, you can always look towards a home improvement loan. This type of loan allows you to borrow amounts between £7,500 and £15,000 generally at an interest rate of around 5%. In addition to this, you can take the loan out for a period of five years or so, so it’s definitely more of a long-term option and you don’t have to worry about paying the loan back right away.

Although these can’t be used to move into an existing property, they will be a great option if you want to renovate your existing property. For example, if your current property doesn’t provide you with the accommodation that you need then you can always add in another bedroom using a home improvement loan.

Property Development Finance

If you are planning to use the capital to develop a property on a vacant piece of land then it might be worthwhile to look into property development finance. This is a tailor made solution for those people who are looking to develop the property instead of purchasing a property that’s already built. As you can probably already tell, it’s much hard for someone to get finance for a development project.

Many providers will offer a lot with regards to flexibility of the project, they understand that certain obstacles get in the way and not everything goes as smoothly as we’d like – so you generally have a lot of options available to you in most cases. The flexibility offered is really where this option shines.


As you can see, there are many finance options available to you if you need capital to carry out a big project relating to your home or your living situation. Make sure to explore all the options available to you, it might even be worthwhile to go to your lender and ask if they have any alternative options available that would be more suited to you

Always take your personal circumstances into consideration and determine if you need the loan for a long-term or short-term project, the amount of capital that you need, what sort of fees you are comfortable paying, and the amount of work that you are willing to put into the whole application process.

North Korea Arrests and Imprisons ‘Second Snowden’

Matthew Miller, a 25 year old man arrested and sentenced in North Korea wanted to become the next Snowden. This is according to a senior government official in North Korea.

Miller was arrested and sentenced to 6 years of hard labour in North Korea. He claimed to have crucial information on United States.

Edward Snowden came into the limelight in 2012 when he released details on the atrocities the United States government was causing in many countries. He had intercepted e-mail and mobile communications among many top United States government officials.

Today, Snowden is a celebrity who enjoys a massive following especially among the young people who see him as a hero. Snowden has become synonymous for his intelligence, charisma and his outspokenness. It is likely that hundreds of young people want to be like him. Snowden, who was an intelligence contractor is currently wanted by the United States for leaking important intelligence information.

North Korea, which is led by a dictator claims that Miller wanted to be as famous as Snowden. They claim that he had prepared his story in advance. He had written it in a notebook which was seen by the state media.

Government officials in North Korea stated that Miller deserved the punishment he was handed as the government is not tolerable to such acts of international disobedience.

He was arrested in April when he tore down into pieces the Visa document he used to get into the country which has sanctions from the United States and the European Union for its nuclear programs.

North Korea noted that they will continue to arrest and punish people who had no regard for the country’s leadership. This follows some reckless remarks by United States John Kerry who described the country as a ‘country of evil’.

In February, the United Nations published a report which the government officials in North Korea have shunned. In the report, the organization noted that security officials in the country should be tried and prosecuted for their disregard to human right issues.

According to the state media, Miller had surrendered himself to the police so he can carry out an investigation to the current state of North Korean prisons and human right issues.

The media company also said that Miller wanted to talk to a United States missionary who was arrested and subjected to hard labour in North Korea for what is called ‘crimes against the state’.

Little is known about Miller. Earlier, Reuters reported that he had spent more than one year in the neighbouring South Korea where he had invested a lot of time and money in the creation of the fantasy, Alice in Wonderland. He referred to himself as Preston Somerset.

He did not have very close friends or associates in South Korea. He did not even have a preferred means of transport.

In North Korea, there are 3 American nationals who have been arrested and sentenced to hard labour. Jeffrey Fowle was arrested for reading the bible.

Many see the actions of North Korea as a way of inviting a powerful United States delegation in the country.